What is NFTs.Taxi ?

A Launch & Funding Vehicle with NFTs

Why NFTs.Taxi?

Taxi NFTs for Launching, Funding & Growing

Taxi NFTs to Gain Loyal Supporters

Taxi NFTs as Digital Collectibles

How Taxi NFTs work

We'll mint & sell your Taxi NFTs in our marketplace

Taxi NFTs can be bought & sold earning royalties

Supporters can share Taxi NFTs on social media

Taxi NFTs for launching, funding & growing your project while earning loyalty from your supporters

Taxi NFTs have intrinsic value and earn royalties in perpetuity

Taxi NFTs Use Case

Taxi NFTs have many use cases. Here is an example:

A Shoe Project

An entrepreneur wants to launch a new shoe. The "F04M SH03" - the most customizable, comfortable foam shoe ever made

Supporters can buy & sell NFTs of the shoe. They can share NFTs on social media. This helps Launch & Fund the shoe project

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”

NFTs are unique digital assets, and they exist in many forms from digital art, collectibles and more. Any type of digital media can be minted and turned into an NFT for your Movement!